Should your daughter become a journalist?

Ours is a country where every cricketer thinks his son should naturally play cricket and represent the nation. In the film world, cinematic talent is per force presumed to flow in the blood. And doctors, of course, can’t even harbour the possibility that their sons and daughters may carry any other instrument in life but the stethoscope.

What about journalists?

Will you want your son or daughter to follow you in your profession?

Unlike cricket, films or medicine, it is a tough choice given the abysmal salaries. And with every new technological advancement predicting the death of newspapers as we know them, pretty uncertain too.

Jim Walsh of the Courier Post, South Jersey, faced the same dilemma. His daughter Tracy was a stellar student in school but she wanted to do journalism. What he told her by way of advice may yet surprise you.

Read the full story by following the link below:

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  1. boring journalist

    the dilemma is the same but approach differs in the Indian conditions.
    In Indian condition, it is wife of the journalists, who vetoes any idea of the son or daughter joining the profession of her husband.
    In some cases, the journalist himself will advice his sibling to opt for any profession other than journalism.
    Other professions are more attractive than journalism to attract the talented. “who is bothered about the kick that a profession gives, when you can get the same externally by not being in it.

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