Very Useful Advice for young journalists

G V Krishnan, the former Times of India special correspondent, alerts us to an interview of Paul Steiger, the managing editor of Wall Street Journal.

Question: What advice would you have for a young journalist starting his or her career today?

Answer: Never be afraid of asking what seems like a dumb question. The dumb questions are often the best questions. And to write, write, write as much as you can.

As some other worthy put it, there are no dumb questions in journalism, only dumb answers.

Read the full interview:

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  1. boring journalist

    Steiger should be taken seriously. The two points he made are crucial. The journalists must revive the faculty, which they are fast losing of asking questions, of having curiosity to know and inform others. In these days of press note and proforma journalism, opening mouth at a press conference, is considered as something of a sacrilege.
    Writing skill can only be sharped by writing, writing writing alone. There is no other short cut. But do the present genre of journos, have the time and patience to write?

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