What’s your new year resolution?

It’s that time of the year once again. When we resolve to turn a new leaf and do better than we did in the year gone by.

So, what’s your resolution? To slim down, to write better, to eat right, to drink less?

Not sure? Here’s what the leadership faculty at Poynter recommend: New Year’s Resolutions for Newsroom leaders


  1. boringjournalist

    A new year resolution is an exercise in self deception. Why make any resolutions at all when you have no intention of abiding by it. More so for journalists, who have absolutely no time to think about anything except the routine matters, issues and formats.

  2. Resolution: Think beyond supplements

  3. RK

    making no resolution is the resolution

  4. M K Vidyaranya

    Try to get mentally more alert, physically fit, rededicate to ‘MAKE THE IMPORTANT INTERESTING’ and work with agility to pump in human interest stories to turn ‘Vijay Times’ an error free reader friendly Newspaper.

  5. SS

    My New year Mantra would be – “Don’t worry, be Happy” and “Whatever happens, happen for the good”.

  6. I resolve to resolve my last year’s resolution

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