If you don’t get this, you know…

Everyone thinks he knows how dumb President George W Bush is, but had anybody suspected he would be as dumb as the American stand-up comedian Conan O’Brien makes him out to be?


“Today at the White House, President Bush signed a deal that would send nuclear fuel and know-how to India.

When asked about the Indian deal, President Bush said, “It’s the least we can do after stealing their land.”


  1. boringjournalist

    We have one thing common with America. Their leaders are as dumb as ours.
    This should be a matter of satisfaction atleast for the fraternity of the politicians.

  2. Let us milk Bush as much before the Indians in the Reservations get to know of this

  3. George ‘War’ Bush is definitly dumb coz he went to war in Iraq believing Saddam had WMD’s. How more dumb can one get, George ‘The Dumb’ Bush

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