Even a yawn is a silent shout

Edward Munch, the man who painted The Scream, was born on this day in 1863, and Slate marks the anniversary with an outstanding photo album of people shouting, that should leave serious practitioners of journalism wondering why we don’t seem to get these ideas in the first place.


  1. Lakshmi

    Dear KP,

    That is because there are very few serious practitioners of journalism like you.

  2. Journalists in Slate read issues from the previous year every day

  3. boringjournalist

    make journalists read their own copies. there will be yawning all around.

  4. parle munch

    B’coz editors are known to KILL ideators and COPY or RECYCLE the ideas, in short do everything to USURP the idea and UPSTAGE the ideator.

  5. u know hu

    ah! slate gets noticed because ideas strike it once in a year or it looks like a century+. frequency makes things, even ideas, routine.

  6. boringjournalist

    the journalists both of the p rint and electronic media are the harbingers of the silent revolution in a way. their stories prompt a big yawn and and the silence it brings is quite fantastic. and does lot of good to the world

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