Daily Archives: 12 December 2006

Even a yawn is a silent shout

Edward Munch, the man who painted The Scream, was born on this day in 1863, and Slate marks the anniversary with an outstanding photo album of people shouting, that should leave serious practitioners of journalism wondering why we don’t seem to get these ideas in the first place.

‘Bhaiyya, Chlormint kyun khaate hain?’

Every night when Shantila Maria Barnes closes shop and heads for home, she dips into her Louis Vuitton bag and pulls out Chlormint and other lozenges that may be in reach, and hands one to all in her vicinity. The beneficiaries, usually, are B B Subhash, and Basavanand Swamy and K N Purandar and, lately,…

Dead people. Deadly prose.

Obituary writing has evolved into something of an art-form in the US and UK. Gone are the days of dryly reporting the death of people, with their age and names of survivors. Instead, a stylish new form of literature has emerged. In The Dead Beat, a tome on the deadly business (Harper Collins), Marilyn Johnson…