Should politics be covered like cricket?

We have tried something slightly different today on our front page with our coverage of the Chamundeshwari by-election. Unlike all the other English language papers in Bangalore which have led with the bland announcement of the poll result, we have led with a story on what is happening and what can happen next, now that Siddaramaiah has won.

The logic behind this curious choice is simple. Siddaramaiah’s victory was announced around 12 noon yesterday. Which means, for close to 18 hours, a potential newspaper reader would have been exposed to the news of the victory, primarily through television and mobile phones, and secondarily through word of mouth.

So, does the reader still want to be told about the 257-vote margin? Or does he want to know what was happening in political circles after the 257-vote margin?

This is a question that newspapers will have to increasingly grapple with is, do we give readers in the morning what television, the internet, and the mobile phone had already given them when they went to sleep the previous night? Or do we give them something new, something different, something extra?

There can be no easy answers to these questions, but we have tried in our own way even if we have not quite succeeded in delivering what we had in mind.

Our graph on page one is an indication of this line of thinking. Every English and Kannada newspaper without exception has printed the round-wise fluctuation in vote swings in text form.We are the only ones to display it in graphical form, which truly brings out the closeness of the victory and defeat in telling fashion.

Does it work? You bet. One enlightened reader sent this very heart-warming SMS: “”d idea of a graf is v nice. unique, technical, analytical. elections/results must be treated like cricket.”

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  1. Meena

    It is not just the question of an enlightened citizen who have appreciated the novel idea putforth by the newspaper. But it is the question of many ordinary laymen across Karnataka who picks up the paper in the morning and tries to search for their expected news.
    We cant forget that, unlike other paper, this paper had catched the attention of the ordinary readers because of its simplicity in English.
    Perhaps a reader would expect simple headline than “Flutter after Siddu heart-stopper”. Though people will be flooded by information, they want to read and re-read their favourite again and again. The lead story could have been clubbed with the major story.
    I have come across many of our readers who have subscribed the paper due to its simple words, so that they can enhance their language. Many except more simple headlines from the paper

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