If you are as smart as you think…

The election is over, the EVMs have been switched off and sealed, and the last doubts about its fairness have been brushed aside. It’s time for the votes to be counted in the Chamundeshwari by-election.

What do you predict? Who will win and by what margin?

Stick your neck out and show the world if you are really as smart a journalist as you privately think you are.


  1. Rajiv Kalkod

    very difficult to judge. It may be S Shivabasappa of JDS to have the last laugh.But the win margin will be within 2 or 3 thousand.

  2. D Vasudevan

    Siddaramiaiah will win by a margin of over 1000 votes.

  3. Vidyaranya

    Even privately, I don’t think I am a ‘smart’ journalist. However Siddaramaiah is likely to defeat the JDS candidate Shivabasappa by a margin varying between 2,000 to 4,000 votes, thanks to the bad mouth both by Devegowda and Kumaraswamy during the later part of the poll campaign which was highlighted by the private TV channels.

  4. B D Narayankar

    Niether I am an intelligent nor smart journalist. But I have a bi of common sense. The world knows that the Chamundeshwari byelection was fought on caste basis. If that is the case, there will not be division of votes which will have an heavy impact on the results for both Siddaramaiah and Shivabasappa.

    Going by the voters turnout (65 per cent) in the last assembly poll in 2004, Siddaramaiah could win, having the support of Vokkaligas and Lingayats, who form the majority chunk of the electorate in the constituency. And he has lost the elections here for losing faith among these two majority castes.

    When we consider the voters turn out this election, which is 66 per cent, I think Shivabasappa has the fair chance of winning, but with a margin of 1000-1500 votes. And remember – JDS and BJP had garnered over 57 per cent votes in the elections here, battling out separately. But this time, they both have fielded a common candidate. The Congress has able to garner 34 per cent, which catapulted it win the election some times back.


  5. With the experience of studying in Mysore for more than 8 years, I have witnessed many ups and downs of few political carrers and at the present situation, which is a do or die situation for former deputy CM, I strongly feel that the former CM has an edge over other competitors, especially Shivabassapa. He (Siddaramaiah) will emerge as a winner but surely with not huge margin, it will be a touch and go scenario for him. A wild guess may be 2000 to 2500 votes of margin. I won’t be surprised even if the margin falls under hundreds in number.

  6. I apologise for typing ‘former CM’, while referring for the second time in my comment instead of former deputy CM!

  7. u know hu

    The challenge was posted at 11.10 am. A very inauspicious time to undertake auspicious task of predicting.

  8. rajanaga

    It will be a close battle and Shivabasappa of JDS will win. The margin may be 2000 votes.

  9. bakshi

    Siddu will have the last laugh, but Kumaranna will win by 10,000 votes.

  10. subhash

    definitely siddaramaiah…by a big margin

  11. KPfan

    I think KP is the surprise winner. For planning coverage that looked like precision bombing and for leading from the front. He is also one of the politically more mature editors in the world today.

    Fan number 1 of KP

  12. My prediction of margin falling under hundred votes came true… Hakuna Matata 🙂

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