Want to blog? Here are 10 tips

It’s still pretty unheard of in India—the whole concept of editorial blogs, where reporters, photographers, editors ventilate on any and every issue under the sun, especially that which happens in their very universe. So, journalists who want to blog (or who should) have little or no guidance on how to go about it. And are way too vain to ask.

But here’s help. Dallas Morning News Editorial Page Editor Keven Ann Willey who led her staff in launching America’s first editorial page blog, provides these suggestions to journalists on how to blog, culled from a piece on American Journalism Review:

1. Be brief and informal. Breezy, conversational tone is good. Two hundred words is too long. Go for the quick hit, light touch, witty aside. Attitude required.

2. Don’t be too proud to blog.

3. Respond to previous blog postings. This is about conversation, after all. It’s the back and forth that makes a blog engaging.

4. Vary your topics. Don’t be a wonk.

5. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your mother to read in the paper.

6. Use hyperlinks.

7. Incorporate interesting, provocative reader e-mail. The best blogs are two-way streets.

8. Be quick to correct yourself.

9. Don’t feel obligated to answer all blog-generated e-mail.

10. Don’t over edit; but designate a blog boss.


  1. Chinmayi

    Respected KP Sir,
    I have heard a lot about you from one of your employees. I have heard that you are a source of great inspiration to them, and you are serving
    as a great role model them. And have also heard that you are most efficient, hardworking, dedicated, great human being, young and, energetic, enthusiastic, innovative and more. They are privileged to work under such a genius editor and a great human being like you. I read VT daily. An young news paper like VT needed an young genious(with high spirits), like you. I may miss my food but don’t miss to check your blog daily. You are not just sharing your experiences and letting us learn, but also sharing the knowledge of great minds, through tips like this and master pieces like Virginia’s……. I have become a very great fan of yours. Not just your employees even VT is blessed, the height it will reach with a great editor like you, is something great, something amazing and unimaginable. Wish you all the very best for more ‘something special, something new, something different………’ in VT and for every thing.
    your fan,

  2. aatmasakshi

    are these fan mails real?

  3. Hey these are very important and precise tips, surely encourages newcomers….

  4. Chinmayi

    Respected KP Sir,
    This is my response to a comment from Aatmasaakshi.
    ‘Any fan who is unconditional, who doesn’t have any expectation, whose comments are honest, which comes from the bottom of his/her heart and soul, is a true fan, his/her mail will be real. His/her one and only wish will be to be known by that person whose fan he/she and want him to know that he has a great fan, who always keenly tries to observe his every step and tries to learn and wishes at every step and prays god to bless him to reach even more greater heights. I am one such true fan of KP Sir.

  5. Chinmayi

    Respected KP Sir,
    I seek great inspiration from you, at every step of mine, and you are such a great role model to me. I want to become like you. Not only me there are many of us who are seeking inspiration fromyou and considering you as their role model and who wish to become like. Sir we wish to know more about you. And I wish you would guide us as to how to become like you.

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