If 70 kg of gold is worth Rs 56 lakh, then…

Today’s not a good day if you were the sub who edited the Thulabharam story on page 9.

We get the name of the person who weighed himself against 70 kilograms of gold wrong (it’s P N C Menon, not T N C Menon). We spell Bangalore-based as “angalore-based”. And, wonder of wonders, we say that 70 kg of gold is worth Rs 56,00,000 (that’s 56 lakh rupees).

The first mistake is understandable; the story came by wire and P may have become T. But how tough is it to spell Bangalore right? And worse, how tough is it to explain how much 70 kg of gold is worth in rupees at today’s gold rates.

We print a set of indicators on page one every day, and a gram of gold is worth Rs 913. Multiply that by 1,000 for a kilogram of gold, which is Rs 913,000. Multiply that by 70 for the total value, which is Rs 6.39 crore.

Journalism is largely about explaining things to readers, to help him make sense of a complex world. How difficult is it for us to do on a constant basis? And how difficult is it to try?

To top it all, we put a captivating “Bangalore” story on page 9, and this after Eapen Panicker had “saved” the story for page one. Amen.

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  1. M K Vidyaranya

    Similarly, in page six under the NATION WRAP, it should have been the death anniversary of Ambedkar and nor birth anniverary as mentioned in the caption.

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