100,000 in Bangalore—and counting

It’s official. The very amiable Prabhu confirmed this morning that the print order for the paper had crossed 100,000 in Bangalore City today. A fact confirmed by CD later in the evening. Which means, staff statistician G Sudhakar Nair can pull out his pocket calculator—he never leaves home without it—tomorrow to calculate what the growth means in percentage terms.

By our reckoning it should be slightly under 50 per cent in four months’ time. But we could be wrong. After all, we are journalists. Not ‘arithmeticians’.


  1. u know hu

    Hearty Congratulations. Great show indeed. But pray why this dry announcement and drier percentage calculation boss. The fact is it touched Six figures and that calls for at least Three (Spirited) Cheers, not bald and bland notices in office and on the blog.

    Pl refer to earlier postings on we are the best and better comments on it like K for kallabhatti, in case you have forgotten the brands to say cheers.


    Congrats VT B’lore and Team KP!
    Added bonus if Mangalore reached at least a quarter of what Bangalore figures are.

  3. Hearty congratulations to KP and Team VT B’lore. Its really a wonderful news to hear. Say WE ARE THE BEST and we will move further.
    Plz, do not just put such news on the blog or inform only Team VT B’lore. Let others to know such developments.

  4. aatmasakshi

    Arre, what is all this “Team KP” business? It’s not any one person’s achievement, but everybody’s. And that includes the circulation guys. The days of journalists alone making a publication work are long over, my friends.

  5. aatmasakshi's advisor

    ayyo atmasakshi. if u think u r not part of team kp that is ur problem. not kp’s and certainly not kp’s team’s.

    rest be assured nothing is over. everything is continuing. it has always been journalists who make publication and cirulcation guys who sell it. if u r the editor, u are a journalist, if kp takes over prez or veepz circulation, he becomes a circulation guy. both are born alright but not as a circulation guy or a journalist guy.

    god bless u aatmasakshi as long as u keep increasing vt circulation.

  6. aatmasaakshi's advisor's guru

    ayyayyo. u chela and advisor combine. why r both silent on the ONE rupee factor. It is we ad guys who are providing both u journos and circs ur daily bread. u may not acknowledge it.

    dont worry we dont attach much value to ur opinion, in any case.

  7. u know hu

    keep it all up — slugging in blogging, circulation and ad revenue. all for good. in case u dont know whose good, then u dont deserve to know.

  8. Those were days when TOI celebrated its first one lakh in Bangalore with four additional pages …

    The ad guys had managed to fill those four pages with ads and the editorial team convinced the readers that they like reading them. Those were days. Not to be left behind the circulation team promised sales of two lakh copies within the next six months. Those were days …

  9. KPfan

    I strongly disagree with atmasakshi. I think being known as Team KP is an honour. I have even dropped my name and turned it into KP fan. You have no atmasakshi, atmasakshi.

  10. aatmasakshi

    come on, guys, grow up. don’t turn “india’s first editorial blog” (unofficial) into a fan club. all of you (and us outside) will be better off discussing the many points raised here, instead of trying to prove your allegiance to “KP”. the bugger loves adulation but surely even he would be embarrassed by all this. grow up, don’t suck up.

  11. aatmasakshi's advisor

    u too should grow up aatmasaakshi and enjoy the fan mail or as u call ‘sucking up’. why only kp, everyone loves adulation. as long as the sucker is not embarrassed by his act, why should kp or anyone who loves adulation be redfaced.

    u know u can enjoy life better if u encourage the suckers to intensify the act and not shut them up.

  12. u know hu

    from slugging to getting up close and personal!?

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