How well do you know your alphabets?

Namrata Joshi sends us the new revised alphabets, and journalists—or at least some of us who are socially conscious—should really be ashamed if we do not know them by heart.

For reasons of journalistic fairness, and to not make any one feel left out, this item is not being dedicated to any one in particular, but all of you—and you know who you are—can take it as a personal tribute.


A for Aristocrat

B for Bagpiper


C for Contessa

D for Director’s Special

E for 8 pm

F for Four Roses

G for Godfather


H for Haywards


I for Imperial Blue

J for Johnny Walker

K for Kingfisher



L for Lincoln Lager

M for Master Brew


N for Narrangansett


O for Old Monk


P for Pioneer


Q for Quat


R for Red Label


S for Scotch


T for Trommers


U for Utica


V for Vat 69


W for Watkins


X for XXX

Y for Yotoc


Z for Zingaro






    Kudos to Namrata for helping me in knowing the fact that I HAVE REALLY MISSED A LOT OF BRANDS


    Kudos to Namrata for helping me in knowing the fact that I HAVE REALLY MISSED A LOT OF BRANDS and how this could happen ?

  3. Niranjan N Kaggere

    Namrata’s new alphabetic lexican reminds me of Charles Baudelaire’s remarks. In fact these brands and literatre (here literature in hurry) can not be seperated and when culminates, comes the splendid product such as poetry (here Newspaper)

  4. The future of newspapers is in going local. So it would be better to have N for Neera, F for Feni, S for Sarai …

  5. Shyam forgot: A for Arrack and Y for Yenda… 🙂

  6. Guys…never forget K for Kallabatti at grassroots…

  7. Smokie

    Jake and Brett from ‘Fiesta’ are accusing Hemingway earnestly for not giving them all these brands to relish. Brett would not have gone for Pedro Romero if she was to taste all these varieties. Poor Ernest Hemingway might have not even dreamt of so many brands while writing his masterpiece!!! Great, the author might be regretting from the ‘heaven’ for missing these bewitching drinks…!

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