Good enough is not

Not too many in journalism—not too many in Indian journalism anyway—like to turn the binoculars at themselves and look at what is happening in their profession in a different way. Tim Porter at First Draft does just that with aplomb, often surprising you with how much of what he says makes sense, in spite of the American context.

In particular, his recipe to rebuild the system is interesting as indeed is his take on what newspapers ought to do if they are to rise again. But what is must-reading is how the values of modern newspapers ought to change: from competition to context, from individualism to collaboration, from speed to discipline, from answers to questions, from authority to interaction, and from more to less.
Go take a look.


  1. “Don’t Reflect the Community, Be the Community” – This line sounds very intresting. Let us try to adopt new age journalism values like this… Thanks for this new outook…


    All these commandments of new Journalism testament should be channelised more towards Universities curruculum then there, hope, would be a practical fulfilment of the intended objective. Happy Birthday Journalism…

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