From Deep Point to Third Slip

We are at that stage when we are looking for a new name for the operation. At yesterday’s morning meeting we spent a full two hours discussing some possiblities and we ended up with a list of 50-plus.

There were the usual (Newsline, Newstimes, News Horizon, News Echo), the cliched (Silicon Times, Chip City), the classy (The Metropolitan, The Cosmpolis, Bangalore Browser, Enter), and the convoluted (Coffee Country, Robusta, Harbinger).

But there were a couple of names which were truly interesting even if impractical.

Imagine calling a paper Bangalore Post & Observer like in the US because the first letters add up to BPO, or imagine a paper named in the manner in which the city likes to drink its coffee (News By Two)—only half the news will be provided every day; the reader fills/imagines the rest!

Things were going swimmingly well till B D Narayankar sent an SMS that he would like to write a sports column called Deep Point. That sent us off on a tangent.

We began thinking of cricket names for the paer. Somebody suggested “Third Slip“. It sounded like something till we realised how awkward a reporter would sound if he called up Deve Gowda‘s house and and introduced himself in Kannada.

For strategic reasons, the most likely new name/s is not on this list. Wanna guess?


  1. Rohith

    Here are some new names from Magazine section:

    Sandalwood Times, Local Times, Look Out…

  2. Jeetu

    The times that we have been thru and the things that we have faced an yet survived the best name would be Testing Times

  3. B D Narayankar

    Times Today

  4. B D Narayankar


    Deep Point

    B D Narayankar

    Except maestro Sachin Tendulkar, they fell like a pack
    of cards to the hostile pace battery of South Africa
    at the Kingsmead in Durban. India lost last seven
    wickets for 29 runs to be bowled out for 91 – India’s
    lowest total ever against South Africa in a one-day
    international. Previous worst was 147 in Port
    Elizabeth in 1992-93.

    The Indian batsmen -– Tendulkar, Wasim Jaffer,
    Mohammad Kaif and Suresh Raina – lost their wickets
    pushing at the ball hard as though they were batting
    on a flat sub-continent pitches. There is an art to
    cope with the rising balls on a spongy pitch like the

    The Indian batsmen, particularly the top order batsmen
    should learn to play the pacy and rising deliveries
    close to their bodies and with soft hands. Raina,
    Tendulkar, Wasim Jaffer and Mohammad Kaif were back in
    the pavillion playing away from their bodies, either
    getting bowled or caught in the slips or in the square

    After the quick departure of captain Rahul Dravid and
    Tendulkar in quick session, defeat stared in the
    Indian face. Andre Nel, Makaya Ntini, Jacques Kallis
    and Shaun Pollock were too much for the incoming
    batsmen, who could not negotiate the bounce they were

    Even after 18-long years of cricket, India still
    depends on Tendulkar and it is a matter to worry.
    India has not found a player like him over the years.
    It has something to do with the selection process.

    The criteria to select youngsters into the Indian
    squad is ridiculous. The ilks of Rainas are picked up
    for international matches after watching their one-day
    performances in domestic rubbers. Good Lord! Is there
    any competition at all at this level. It is
    understandable to pick Under-19 pace bowler into the
    international arena, but batsmen of this age need time
    to gain confidence, which they can do by playing more
    domestic cricket.

    It is not that the BCCI has the only job of making
    money, it should also see that proper scheduling is
    done for the players to get as many warm-up games to
    acclamatise themselves to the local conditions. BCCI
    should have asked for more such matches with Cricket
    South Africa. Just before the Kingsmead battle, India
    had only one practice match and were unlucky to stay
    indoors during the first one-day internationals at New
    Wanderers Stadium in Johhasnesburg. They did not have
    time to acclamatise.

    BCCI also would do a world of good for Cricket India
    if it sets up another National Cricket Academy in
    Chandigarh. There the wickets are bouncier and players
    can well in advance acclamatise themselves to bouncier
    tracks available in South Africa and Australia. The
    National Cricket Academy in Bangalore can be used
    during the home series.

    All said and done, defeat should not bog the Indians
    down, instead they should see it as an opportunity to
    capitualate and set right their wrongs. Oversees,
    India always have started their campaign on a low
    note. Wake up Indians, you can do it. Only thing,
    batsmen should try to spend more time in the middle
    and bowlers try bowling at right areas consistently.


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