And the winner is G Vishwanatha…

“We Are The Best” is pleased to announce the winner of its first quiz contest. It is “senior design consultant” G Vishwanatha.

There were more half a dozen all-correct entries, and the winner was picked by a draw of lots conducted at the evening meeting today. The honour of picking the winner went to “Critic” Roshan, Eapen Panicker.

That’s the good news. The bad news or shall we say the more revealing news is that in an organisation which has a strength of around 140 people, barely a dozen felt inspired or motivated to take part in the sort of contest that should be meat and drink for journalists.

In spite of the Rs 500 prize, in spite of the promise of an interesting book.

Whether we know it all, whether we think it beneath us to take part in a competition, whether we are too conscientious not to google the answer—or whether we are too you-know-what—is for the world to judge every monring.


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    Well, the winner of the quiz supposedly had vommitted words not out of his KNOWLEDGE PROCESS but out of google junction to fool us to get that cash prize on the behalf of the entire office staff. Thats cool and awesome Mr 500, literally i mean it.

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