If Bhimsen Joshi does it, why can’t you?

So you are stuck. Is in fact two words or one? Is it its or it’s? Theirs or their’s?

Don’t worry all of us get into that jam. Like we did for a story on page 7 today, when nobody could properly spell physicist, and Bhanu who was sitting next to a dictionary couldn’t even lift it in time.

So, what’s the solution? Either we can pretend we know it all or you can try to hone your skills.

Check out www.newsroom101.com for a set of oneline grammar and usage tests. Why should you when you already have a job? Because Bhimsen Joshi still does riyaaz at 84.


  1. Vyomkesh

    Definitely i will sir…

  2. Bakshi

    And while you are at it, check out


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