Daily Archives: 20 November 2006

CAT is still not out of the bag for us

There are plenty of red faces around here today. Or at least there ought to be, if there aren’t any. First the good news. Even on a slow news day, we have managed to put out an okay front page. There is a neat explainer on the Chinese president’s visit. There is a good exclusive…

The name is Vivan, Sridhar Vivan

Can anybody believe a young man who says he went to see Casino Royal alone—yes, ALONE—yesterday? BTW, he avers it’s a darn good movie. That, too. Can anybody believe a young man who says he went alone to a movie to see the movie?

N for Nietzsche, I for Iliad, R for Rasputin

Over lunch at the almost-magnificent New Modern Home, under the benign gaze of Nehru and Gandhi and Anadurai, a certain somebody whose surname begins with M got a call on his cell. The caller couldn’t latch on to the odd-sounding name. And the three of us in unison chipped in to make the lady understand:…