710 feet below sea level

Our youngest staffer is back at work after two days of checks at various hospitals.

Srini walked into office on Wednesday clutching his cheek with a muffler and, in passing, mentioned that he may have suffered a paralytic stroke the previous night and that there was a tingling sensation all through the left side of his body.

Understandably, that sent everybody here into a tizzy. Calls were made, cabs materialised out of nowhere, and within minutes Usha and Subbu were rushing him to nearby nursing homes.

Eventually, all ended well, and Srini is now back slaving over the edit page from 11 to 11.

Why do we bring up such a delicate personal issue here?

Because before he was wheeled out, Srini delivered the bon mot of the month. When he heard that Eapen Panicker alias Critic Roshan alias the richest journalist on this floor, had dug a 700-feet borewell for his darling daughter, Srini showed just why he is a product of Columba’s High School, New Delhi (Class of 1897).

“If he had dug 10 feet more, he would have found lava,” Srini said, deadpan.

Yes, lava.

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