Do newspapers have a future?

The Independent, London, has run a 5,227 word article on the future of newspapers, in which the who’s who of publishing gazes into the crystal ball. Here’s what Piers Morgan, the legendary tabloid editor, says:

Every newspaper has a great future online. End of story. Within five years every newspaper will be free and they’ll all be online. And if they’re not, they should be. There will still be a presence in print but that will be for older readers and you will find that anybody under the age of 35 will only read newspapers online. It will be the newspapers who are the most dynamic online who win. Any newspaper editor or proprietor who believes they will escape this inevitable translation from newsprint to online will get buried. They are under a massive misapprehension. If newspapers do it right and invest now they will be successful and make lots of money. It’s not the death of the paper. It’s the morphing of the paper from a print version to online.

(The article is not available online but whoever wants a copy can borrow it from me.)


  1. Jeethu

    Two years back, I would have said definetely not. However now I would ask, do TV news channels have a future. Sensationalising without a cause, absolutely no understanding of the subject, journalim with an agenda, interference in the due process of law- all this constiutes television journalism. Moreover two people did tell me recently that what they have read in the newspapers remains afresh in their minds, but what is viewed on TV is forgotten two minutes later-all this despuite the regular scrolls and desperate breast beating done by the news readers. Forget guys, we dont feel threatened anymore, becuase, we know exactly how these guys beg and function

  2. u know hu

    Certainly not, despite Jeethu’s optimism, if newspaperwalahs need 5222 words to say ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘may be’ or ‘dont know’.

  3. We can start publishing 5000 word articles with a ‘not available online’ tag.

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