Daily Archives: 15 November 2006

Which is the best headline you have seen?

I remember a couple of them off-hand. One is actually the title of a book by former Newsweek editor Edward Behr: “Anybody here been raped and speaks English?” This is a line Behr stmbles upon when he is covering the Vietnam war and captures the essential difficulties of journalists who can only speak English. Even…

Small tsunami in Japan; not many dead

OK, we are jumping the gun here and revealing tomorrow’s news today, but the magnificently named Shantila Maria Barnes has a nice headline in a world brief in tomorrow’s paper: “Small Tsunami”. The headline brought to mind a headline writing contest that sub-editors at The Times, London, (no less) used to apparently have to keep…

DEEP THROAT: Who was it?

Who was the ‘Vijay Times’ journalist—reporter, sub-editor or designer, we won’t reveal—who, after seeing Nirad Mudur‘s magnum opus on the moon mission, innocently asked if journalists would be taken on the inaugural trip?

The most happening paper in the world?

One of India’s two best editors—keep guessing!—says The Independent, London, the paper started by a journalists’ co-operative, may probably the most buzzing publication in the world. This frontpage, forwarded to us by the venerable Dr Prithvi Datta Chandra Shobhi, on the bombing of Lebanon by Israel shows us why.

Is anybody having fun in journalism anymore?

“Journalism is about playing around, doing mischief, having adventures, taking risks, undermining the powerful, and chortling darkly the whole time. The best work has generally come from people with a certain upbeat, rollicking, world-is-my-oyster spirit.” But “journalism” is now just a synonym for “desperation.” http://nationaljournal.com/powers.htm

5 qualities journalists can pick up from a pencil

CHETAN KRISHNASWAMY forwards a self-explanatory piece of prose from Paul Coelho’s “Like a Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections”, marked for him by Madhavan Nambiar, additional secretary, Ministry of Information Technology: ** A boy was watching his grandmother write a letter. At one point, he asked: “Are you writing a story about what we’ve done? Is…